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Online Business A.I. solution performer

Maximizing conversion Website Visitors into Customers

Each Website Visitor has its own online customization process

WAG takes in charge each visitor as long as he browses on your website.

WAG detects his needs : destination (or kind of destination), purpose of the travel (family, culture, gastronomy), constraints (budget, dates, fellows, handicap). A.I. provides in real time the best information, the best travel offers : based on your website visitor's specific wishes in order to get an immediate decision.

> 500 000 website visitors analysed / month
WAG, the ONLY real time customization navigation solution

Step 1 - #Data collection

Just a few minutes to install, and WAG's tracker is at work on your website. It will collect behaviour's data of your traffic : navigation, search strategy, read or unread information pages, direct buys. This first stage runs at least 2 months.

Tools : WAG's trackers

  1. data collection
  2. data storage

Step 2 - #Audience analysis

WAG A.I. analyzes all behaviours of all your visitors. Each profile is understood and qualified : Destination - Purpose - Constraints.

Tools : WAG's dashboard

  1. all the different website visitors groups
  2. website's usability strengths and weaknesses

Step 3 - #Navigation customization

With its recommendation system, WAG A.I. pushes automatically specific informations and offers based on visitor's profile detected. Your Marketing Department can also apply your recommendation policies.

Tools : WAG's personalization

  1. integrated widget
  2. relevant offers ranking, personalized design, etc.

Why Artificial Intelligence ?

Our A.I. solution analyzes millions of visitor's behaviours on travel & tourism websites.

From this analysis, it learns by itself more and more in order to qualify each visitor more precisely : Destination - Purpose - Constraints.

You take advantages of our A.I. knowledge coming from all community of tourism industry. Precise visitors profiles are identified from this global behaviour analysis.

This analysis can afford us to map all different behaviours of YOUR website visitors, to produce a dashboard of these behaviours and to know YOUR different website visitors groups.

As soon as A.I. has understood and qualified the visitor's waitings, it starts navigation customization.

Why choosing WAG.travel

Real time

WAG.travel is the only A.I dedicated to tourism industry, able to understand and provide a personalized support to your visitors, in real time.

Get the best of your data

You get access to your data (API), and make them the key points of your customization policy.

Get an easy way to implement solution

Add only one line JavaScript code and WAG starts working !

Keep your marketing policies control

You decide and apply your own information and offers by group of visitors

Stay subscription free

You can stop subscription at anytime.

Process large volumes of data (big data)

WAG processes your data traffic in real time on servers located in U.S.A.

Request a demo

Fill the form, get the tracker by e-mail, and start your first free analysis !

WAG is THE solution 100% GDPR compliant !

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